M.P.L.A. is overseeing Global Distribution
and IP Licensing for this technology.

One of our current primary efforts is global market penetration of the Smart Phases, Inc NOVACAB Thermal Energy Storage System

The Future of Humanity Depends Upon Sustainability.

Key to long-term sustainability is our capacity to enhance the quality of our
air,water and model wise stewardship of natural resources.

Our Primary focus is optimizing our interactioin with the environment in a manner that makes economic sense, in accord with the best available science.

The founding members and core leadership have founded our company on Christian principles of good stewardship to humanity. We are working closely with energy initiatives, including the 2030 Districts, U.S. Department of Energy, and the United Nations, since Dr. Bilodeau is a U.N. Global Compact climate scientist. We are working to help provide a more efficient energy consumption and generation paradigm, recovering and repurposing waste heat.

Over half of the approximately $6 Trillion dollars worth of energy produced and consumed annually is wasted, much of that as thermal energy. Our technology provides a significant solution to that problem.

As a Christian-run company, we're working closely with energy initatives, including the 2030 District and the New York Stock Exchange,
  working to help provide sustainable energy - sending them on their way to bigger things. We know what will work for your community.


We're looking for energy miners,
prospectors like those in the
gold rush, who will help match
need to tech opportunity.